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Written by

Illustrations by

Nadezhda Sorokina

Published in Australia by

InHouse Publishing


Bobby Banana has always been different.

Unlike the other fruit, he is yellow, skinny and tall.

At school, he is bullied just because of how he looks.

What should Bobby Banana do?

In her debut children's book Bobby Banana Stands Tall, teenage author, Esther Wenham, tells the story of Bobby, a yellow, skinny and tall banana who is bullied at school because he looks different from the other fruit.  With help from adults he trusts, Bobby Banana overcomes the bullying, learns to be proud of who he is and becomes a great role model for the younger fruit at school.

Bobby Banana Stands Tall is a positive message for kids, an encouraging story for parents and an educational resource for primary school teachers.  

Stand Tall Bobby!

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